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3Sixty5 Valve Extenders 60mm (sold as a pair of 2)

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    Price is for PAIR of Valve Extender


    The valve extender is 60mm in length. If you are using the 88mm clinchers you will want a 60mm long inner tube so have enough of the valve extender sticking out to pump up the tires with no problem.

    There are a couple keys to using this type of extender. First, you must open the valve really hard. The idea is to open it all the way, and then use a pair of needle nose pliers to force it open an additional half turn or so. This intentionally damages the threads, so the valve stays open permanently. If you don’t do this, you have a very good chance that the valve will rattle itself shut as you ride (which prevents you from putting any air in the tire next time you try to pump up).

    I like to use two pairs of needle nose pliers for this task. One to hold the valve core in place, and the other to force the valve open:

    Now it’s time for the Teflon tape. Lay it on thick. We are talking more like ten times around. This, of course, depends on the thickness of tape you use – but most of the white tapes are thin and need to be caked on.

     You will know that there is enough tape when you start to thread the extender on and feel some resistance. If it threads on too easy, you could add more tape.  

    You can usually get the extender on sufficiently tight just by hand or you can also grab the valve with your pliers to gain extra leverage.

    We recommend to leave the valve extender on and tight all the time. Leave the valve core on your inner tube open (the force of the air pressure pushing against it will ensure that you won't lose air out of your inner tube). This way when it's time to inflate your tires you just have to put the pump on the extender and pump away, never worrying about taking on of off the extender.


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    • How to use the valve extenders

    How to use the valve extenders

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