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APRIL 8 2018 - 1 Sunday Card Class - Yoga for CYCLISTS 75 min., 10:15AM

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    Yoga Designed for Cyclists

    This is an off season cross training class for cyclists. Lots of good core work and stability work as well as plenty for your hips, spine, IT band and hamstrings. A great way to keep the muscles strong and supple in the off season.

    Why, Yoga for Cyclist?  Yoga, a practice that dates back many thousands of years, has great benefits for today’s cyclists. At its core, yoga is an exercise for the body and mind that leads to greater aerobic strength, flexibility and focus. Some of the most elite cyclists use yoga as part of a successful training program, including 2012 Tour De France winner Bradley Wiggins1. Wiggins’ benefits from the focus it brings to his cycling, while others, such as pro mountain biker and Olympian Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski, use yoga to gain strength2.

    From power to endurance, athletes at all levels are incorporating yoga to gain an edge over the competition, and prevent injury.

    When you address lower body tightness and learn to integrate lower body muscle function through specific stretches for your hips and lower back, you make strides toward more power on the pedals. 

    The 75 minute classes will take place on Sunday mornings at 3SIXTY5 Cycling in downtown Galt, Cambridge, ON.

    Props Needed: A yoga mat, we will supply a block and strap.




    Have you heard there is more exciting news around the Yoga sessions, you are probably wondering who the instructor is going to be. 

    Definitely not me, let us introduce to you Amber Morphy

    Amber began her yoga journey ten years ago. She trained to compete as a triathlete and continues to do that daily.

    Yoga was part of her training to prevent and help cure injuries, but realizing the benefits, it is now part of her daily regime. Amber practices a variety of styles of yoga, Ashtanga, Moksha and Yin. 

    Members of Cambridge Multisport Club have been able to experience yoga classes under the watchful eye of Amber as she instructed yoga classes specifically for triathletes. 

    If you are interested to hear more please send us a quick email at by filling out the 2 sections below and we will be glad to fill you in on more information.

    Cheers 3SIXTY5 Team
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