Here is a great video from the GCN Network that fits with our approach to group riding and our good-natured riding spirit:




Lead Riders


These are the two riders in front. They are responsible for calling out turns and stops, and warning of bad road conditions. The inside rider (closest to the curb or shoulder), is responsible for maintaining the speed within the pack. The outside rider is responsible for signalling oncoming traffic, and decides when the pack is to rotate.

Pack Riders

The riders behind the leaders and ahead of the rear riders are pack riders. Each is responsible for passing information from the lead riders to the riders behind.

Tail Rider (sweep)

The tail rider is the last rider on the outside. Like all other pack positions, this is a rotating position. Whoever is in the tail rider position is responsible for signalling vehicles approaching from the rear and for initiating left turns and lane changes. The tail rider also ensures that nobody is left behind: if riders are at risk of being dropped, the tail rider passes this information to the pack leader so that the speed can be adjusted.

Group Riding



Rotation is the process of changing the lead riders so that all riders share the work -- it’s about 30% harder "pulling" in front than drafting behind another rider. Riders change positions in the pack so that each rider takes only a short turn at the front, followed by a longer opportunity to draft behind other riders.





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