FAT38 cross 3k glossy disc hub

Cyclocross FAT (25mm wide) Carbon Clincher Disc Hub (260)

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    Sometimes being fat makes you faster

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    If you have been keeping up with the latest developments in carbon wheels you will have noticed the move to wider rims. Along with the increase in width there has been a move to a curved torodial shape from a flat sided "V". These two innovations have lead to improvements in aerodynamics, cross wind handling, tire performance and torsional stiffness of the wheels. And now 3Sixty5 Cycling has these cutting edge wheels at a price you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere. We call these wider rims our FAT series and they are available in 3 different depths: 38 mm, 50 mm and 60 mm. The deeper the rim the more aerodynamic it is but as there is more material they are heavier. If you are a light rider (under 150 lb0 and are looking for an all round wheel set get the 38 mm deep. If you are over 150 lb and want an all round set then get the 50 mm deep. If you ride mainly flat terrain or are a triathlete or timetrialist them the 60 mm deep is for you.


    38 / 50mm deep torodial shape making for a nice balance between aerodynamics, light weight and easy handling in cross winds.

    25mm external width for better tire support, less chance of pinch flats and a tubular-like ride.

    With our wide rims you should run 15 % less pressure than you do on a traditional 19 mm wide rim.


    3SIXTY5 DISC Hubs 
    SAPIM Laser double buted spokes
    QR Skewers
    Weight;38mm deep
    Front - 692g
    Rear - 825g
    Set - 1,517g +/- 50g
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