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    Looking to ride indoors through the winter?  We have you covered on the best trainers in the world!


    Computrainer is sought out by the finest triathletes in the sport, like Lionel Sanders (Canda), who has already won four 2016 races in is quest for 2016 world championship.  "The CompuTrainer is singly the greatest bike training tool I have ever encountered.  I do the vast majority of my biking on the CompuTrianer, rain or shine, hot of cold."

    Dates: Thursday  - Drop in Class 
    Time: 7pm Arrive 15  -30 minutes before start time
    Duration: 90 mins.

    PerfPRO Studio
    PerfPRO Studio

    PerfPRO Studio© is a fully stand-alone training and performance analysis application that supports up to as many CompuTrainers™, KICKRs™, ANT+ FE-C (Smart) Trainers, PowerBeams/PowerSyncs™, CycleOps Bikes, and turbo trainers as you need. It provides interactive training sessions using workouts, courses, and both. Full video integration, ANT+ enabled, and compatible with most course file types (no file conversions required). 



    PerfPRO Analyzer
    PerfPRO Analyzer
    PerfPRO Analyzer© allows athletes to log and analyze their workouts as well as create detailed training plans to help organize their goals. When paired with PerfPRO Studio it is a complete athlete administration application. PerfPRO Analyzer has the ability to do complete performance analysis and can analyze just about ANY type of performance file. It has direct integration with TrainingPeaks, Strava, DropBox and several other websites.  Read more...

    Bike storage – $25/mo +HST (no cost if 20 class card purchased)
    Taking transit or just not keen on hauling your ride around in winter? Leave it with us.

    We are limited to 2 Computrainers per class so do not miss out on this opportunity, if interested send us a quick email click here 
    PerfPRO Studio© is a fully stand-alone training and performance analysis application that supports up to as many CompuTrainers™, KICKRs™, PowerBeams™, ANT+ FE-C Trainers, CycleOps Bikes, Turbo/Fluid/Mag Trainers, and treadmills as you need. If you have a powerful machine with a lot of screen space then PerfPRO Studio can handle a very large group setting. On the practical side, if you currently have the typical 8-trainer MultiRider studio setup, PerfPRO Studio is perfect for bringing in additional trainers and allow everyone to ride the same workout at once. You may also mix up the trainer types so you can have several CompuTrainers, more KICKRs, a couple PowerBeams, some FE-C trainers, several Phantom 5s and a few turbo trainers, all doing the same workout. 

    PerfPRO Studio for Individual Riders.
    For individual riders, PerfPRO Studio is the perfect training solution as well. Just because PerfPRO Studio can handle many trainers it does not mean your screen has to be cluttered with a lot of trainers. By indicating only one trainer is connected all you see is your information. Checkout the Purchase Page for individual rider pricing that allows a limited setup of up to 3-trainers. If you don't plan to use PerfPRO Studio in a class setting then this is the route to go.

    Turbo/Fluid/Mag Trainers
    You don't need to own or use one of the supported electronic trainers to take advantage of PerfPRO Studio. PerfPRO Studio comes with support for multiple stationary trainers as well. Because PerfPRO Studio is fully ANT+ enabled you may use your various wireless devices with your stationary trainers or any other supported trainer type. You can even get simulated power (SimPower) wattage readings if your stationary trainer is one of the supported trainers within PerfPRO Studio. All you need is an ANT+ enabled speed sensor and suddenly power just became cheap! 

    Treadmill Use
    PerfPRO Studio also allows for single or group treadmill use. With the use of an ANT+ foot pod you may view speed/cadence stats (and anything else) while running on your treadmill. For structured workouts like FTP% workouts, PerfPRO instructs runners what speed they set the treadmill at based on a percentage of their threshold pace. Unique treadmill data displays are available to each runner. It ends up being a very interactive/structured workout that tends to cause time to fly by no matter the distance. 

    PerfPRO Analyzer is included with PerfPRO Studio. These two applications are full integrated with each other so performance data is quickly loaded after workouts and detailed analysis can be done immediately. There are also options to automatically upload performance data to * and/or the PerfPRO website as well as auto-generate emails with links to reports after each ride. From a studio administrator standpoint, this is a huge time-saver! 

    Checkout PerfPRO Studio's Feature Sheet to see all it has to offer.
    You'll love its workout/course features and ANT+ enabled capabilities.

    Below is a typical single rider display explaining each piece of data. For a 10-trainer studio your screen would show ten of these individual displays. Each athlete would then use their own handlebar controller to change screens to see additional data and use their menu options to control their own ride.



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